The world’s first unique clean values tool.  iAM is a force for good that is transforming the way the world develops people.

Take your people development to a powerful new level by becoming an iAM Global licencee.

What is iAM?

Using the latest technology in combination with human expertise,  iAM  is a deep dive into an individual, to reveal heart based values which can be used to maximise energy, performance, leadership, presentation and mood!

By separating head from heart, splitting out  transient, restrictive beliefs, habits, doubts and personas, leaving a clean picture of heart based iAM values - the real person.

Who Currently uses iAM around the World?

iAM is used worldwide across every continent excluding Antarctica for now...!

Currently supplied to all market sectors from Courageous Success hubs in the US, UK and Australia. Clients include international brands and cover all industries from professional services to manufacturing.

About iAM.

"...the most powerful and effective personal insight tool in L&D today."

"Brilliant stuff - the best in the business."

Loved by users and rated as having a 90% impact on self awareness.

93% say that the iAM tool is significant at putting 360 feedback into perspective.

Rating their ability to use their natural strengths to maximise their performance using iAM as 88%.

  • What iAM delivers?

    An iAM Values Ripple and card that illustrates the unique dynamics of a human being like never before. Allowing each user to be the best of themselves in whatever industry, role or culture around the world.

  • The tool you have been looking for!

    iAM fills the gap that has always been there with traditional profiling tools that don’t seem to capture the whole unique person.

  • What's amazing about iAM?

    For the first time ever as a coach it provides a professional recognised values tool. Loved and rated by users as having a 90% impact on self-awareness.

  • iAM is transforming the way the world develops people!

    By putting the real person at the centre of their success.

How you can use iAM with your employees or clients - what's in it for me?

  • Powerful self awareness.
  • Leadership & Management Development.
  • Influencing & presentation skills - authenticity & charisma.
  • Exploring, understanding & acting upon 360 feedback.
  • Customer service, commercial and relationship building.
  • Team working - sharing values.
  • Having courageous conversations.

How do I find out more and sign up?

You will be an experienced coach or L&D professional either independent or working within an organisation.

  • Submit your contact details below and we'll send you an application pack.
  • You will be invited to be one of the founding licencees & join us for the first UK training event starting in December 2016.
  • Australia & New Zealand and US licencee training in iAM will begin in 2017. To register your interest and be one of the first in these countries submit your contact details below

Becoming a licencee – the detail.

If your application is successful you will receive a licencee agreement and starter pack ahead of the initial UK two day accreditation course running on 2nd and 3rd December 2016 followed by the third day in January 2017.

Can I experience iAM for myself?

Yes, you can buy an iAM experience which is fully refundable upon signing up as an iAM Global Licencee.

Licencee Training - you will learn:

  • How to integrate iAM into your current development approach.
  • What is different about iAM to other traditional profiling tools.
  • Being an expert in the development and system for using the iAM tool including the unique approach to clean values - separating heart and head.
  • Code of ethics.
  • How iAM bridges the gap between cultural and religious influences.
  • How to unlock your intuition and be an expert iAM developer.
  • How the iAM process works.
  • Where appropriate, Commercial training and marketing material.


On qualification you will join the iAM force for good and become a tribe member.

What this means...

You can use iAM with your clients, teams and employees to help them to understand themselves, lift their self-awareness, authenticity and success.  And you have the option to gain more iAM clients directly from Courageous Success.

The missing piece.

How to become a Licencee.

iAM Global Levels of Licence Accreditation.

  • please note that prices exclude VAT, tax & GST.

iAM Global:  iAM can be now be delivered by us or by you…

We’ll work with you to design the right approach for your business.  You can licence our content for delivery by your own people with iAM Global or ask us to deliver for you.


If you are UK based come and talk to us at the Manchester CIPD Annual Conference 09th & 10th November, stand C110 & Watch our showcase on the 09th in the Learning area at 15:45.

Interested? Want to know more? Talk to us..

iAM Global is available in Australia and the UK.  Leave us your details below and we will come back to you or simply call Julie Hilton - Head of iAM Global to find out more on  +44 (0)1476 500794.

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